A brand with a character of its own


Part of the land : our origin and our brand sign

The story of DG Viticultors, is intimately and necessarily linked to that of the estates of Mas Fonoll and Mas Sapera, both located in Pontons (Barcelona), Spain. And to the people that made them posible through their effort: Jaume Doménech Trinxant, who in 1991 believed in the project of growing vineyards in a hard soil and extreme climate. His son, Santiago Doménech Garay, helped continue his endeavour devoting all of his efforts to transform the estates into extraordinarily attractive vineyards.
The whole team with all of the family supporting us behind, give all of our care and effort in bringing forth our products and helping to improve our trade.

Pere Doménech y Toni García

Passionate about the land

DG is a family endeavour directed by Pere Doménech and Toni García. Full of expectation and intent and with a heart for exploring and a will to transform hard work, land and knowledge in wines capable to stake a part in gastronomy to bring emotion and, most of all, enjoyment.
We would not make sense with out honoring the origin of our products, the estates of Mas Fonoll and Mas Sapera, unique corners that mark fatefully the grapes and wines they produce.
We sincerely hope you will like us and we would love you enjoyed more than a good time with our wines.